social media for wordpress

Custom Social Media on WordPress Integration

We are now offering custom web development to integrate social media sharing and engagement in your WordPress theme. With the growing number of WordPress Plugins, social media networks and WordPress Themes, websites are becoming slower in an effort to accomodate all the social sharing functionality that you need to increase your exposure.  Our custom solution […]

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blog statistics 2012

Blog Statistics 2012 has polled over 1,000 bloggers across the US to produce some interesting statistics.  Below is an infographic with all the data they put together.  Most concerning for you and I, but the reality that does exist is the “Money in Blogging” section. How Much Do People Make Blogging? 8% Enough Money To Support A Family […]

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Sponsored Post

Sponsored Post Trends in 2012

Sponsored post offerings are increasing and you can benefit tremendously if you have a high quality high PageRank blog.  If you are not familiar with Sponsored Posts, you can catch up on our post “What is a Sponsored Post?” High Quality Backlinks With Google continuing to crackdown on manipulation of their search algorithms through the […]

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Traffic vs PageRank

Do more website visits improve Google PageRank?

In short, website visits don’t impact Google PageRank. Let’s first understand what Google PageRank is: PageRank is a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page and used by the Google Internet search engine, that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the […]

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Google Penguin

Google Penguin Algorithm Impact

It’s been half a year since I last updated this blog, and a lot has happened since then.  The most dramatic change was my top site’s traffic.  My 2 Backpackers travel blog lost 50% of it’s traffic from the Google Penguin updates. Google Penguin Release On April 24th, Google released the Penguin algorithm update targeted […]

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Online Advertising

Raising Your Online Advertising Rates

Have you ever considered raising your online advertising rates drastically to see what the outcome would be, but were afraid to give it a try?  Well, I am going to be your guinea pig.  Last week, I increased my rates for banner ads, sponsored posts, text links and doubled my rates for contextual links. Contextual Links Contextual […]

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banner advertising

How to Charge for Online Banner Advertising

As bloggers, we deal a lot with the selling of text links, but not so much with banner ads.  As we discussed earlier, small blogs typically use fixed pricing models, so how do we know what to charge for banner ads?  This discussion identifies several factors for helping you set rates for online banner ads. […]

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sponsored post

Sponsored Post – Are you getting ripped off?

As marketers and link builders stray from the traditional home page or sidebar text link, their efforts focus on buying a sponsored post from bloggers.  This seems to be the hottest topic in the blogging community at the moment, with offers ranging from free to just barely reasonable.  We are searching for clarity on what […]

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online advertising

Online Advertising Pricing Models

This blog is an online advertising resource for small bloggers, which means we don’t discuss CMP much, but it’s still necessary to understand the different pricing models that advertisers may offer you for banner advertisements. CPM (cost per mil / cost per 1,000 impressions) CPM is “cost per thousand” ad impressions, an industry standard measure […]

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Blog Advertising Rates

What is a Blog Product Review?

When a blogger reviews a service, product or website, they are investing time to promote for someone else. Time is money for bloggers. Do you know how much to charge for a product review and how much time it will take to produce a worthwhile review? What is a Product Review? Bloggers are often presented […]

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