blog statistics 2012

Blog Statistics 2012 has polled over 1,000 bloggers across the US to produce some interesting statistics.  Below is an infographic with all the data they put together.  Most concerning for you and I, but the reality that does exist is the “Money in Blogging” section.

How Much Do People Make Blogging?

  • 8% Enough Money To Support A Family
  • 81% Never Make $100 From Blogging
  • 9% Enough To Sustain Their Personal Lifestyle Blogging 4-6 Hours A Day
  • 2% Make $150K+ Blogging 1-2 Hours A Day

There are an estimated 31 Million bloggers in the US as of July 2012.

I would even go further and say that the 2% making 150K and blog 1-2 hours per day is probably more like 0.02%.  It’s most likely 2% here because those reading are more successful than those that don’t.  Their audience probably has a higher success rate than say, the entire blogging community.

Blog Statistics 2012

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