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Custom Social Media on WordPress Integration

We are now offering custom web development to integrate social media sharing and engagement in your WordPress theme.

With the growing number of WordPress Plugins, social media networks and WordPress Themes, websites are becoming slower in an effort to accomodate all the social sharing functionality that you need to increase your exposure.  Our custom solution aims to eliminate plugins, reduce scripts, keep your database clean and integrate with your existing design while accomplishing the task of integration of social media on WordPress Themes.

Say no to Plugins!

Plugins have become a top source for website errors and database inefficiencies.  What may seem like an easy plug and play solution today, can cause havoc on your site a few months down the road as you begin to experiment more with WordPress plugins.

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Custom Social Sharing on WordPress

We don’t use Digg Digg, Sexy Bookmarks, ShareThis or “the” Facebook plugin. We code everything ourselves, with the custom look and feel of your site.

Why do I need social media integration on my website?

Your customers or followers spend most of their time on social networks.  Whether it’s Facebook or Pinterest, they are there.  That is where you must connect with them.  You can’t just build a website and expect them to come.  Your blog must be shareable, taking every opportunity possible to entice the reader to spread your content on the web.  Every product you sell on your e-commerce site must be be shareable on social networks with good thumbnails and perfect descriptions.  Let them tell their friends the are interested in one of your products.  They want to tell their friends and family, why should you prevent them from doing so?  These are essential components of website today and we can help you achieve this integration and grow your brand’s exposure.

When the job is complete we provide you:

  • Slideshow detailing all locations where code was added
  • Word document of all code that was added and where it was added – to be used for Theme updates
  • A copy of all PHP files that were changed
  • All icons/graphics used in design

If you prefer we maintain your WordPress Theme updates, we can do that too.

About Jason Castellani

Senior Consultant for ATCS Inc. and Principal of Castellani Media LLC., a collection of blogs focused on providing unique content and entertainment. Began blogging after quitting my job and backpacking for 1 year with my wife. I became fascinated with the impact of social media and how social media marketing can help businesses grow. My goal is to continue building consulting services in an effort to remain digital nomads. @JasonCastellani


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