Blogger Advertising RatesOnce you’ve had your blog set up for a few months, you might begin to receive inquiries for link exchanges, guest posts, partnerships and hopefully text links, sponsored posts and product reviews.  That feeling of getting your first inquiry can be exhilarating.  “I finally did it!” You expect the money to come rolling in over the next few months.

But, wait, after reading it closely, you realize it’s a company asking you to put their badge on your site.  If you do that, they will even syndicate your blog on their bigger travel resource site… for free!

“Alright.  Cool, a travel company has recognized me.  They want my material!  The entire wold is going to see my stuff and visit my site!”

Not so fast Sparky.  It’s more like, someone wants to take advantage of a newbie blogger.

Blog Advertising Rates will prepare you for these situations.  It will be tough to say, “No thanks” initially, but if your intent is to make revenue from your blog, then you will have to.

Who is Blog Advertising Rates geared towards?

I write for the rookie blogger, the little guys in the blogosphere.  If your site is a Google PageRank (PR) of 0 to 5, and you receive less then 50,000 unique visitors a month, chances are, you fall into that category of being named a “smaller blog”.  It’s fine, there is still money to be made, but we make it a bit differently.

We make money based on text links, sponsored posts, banners, product reviews, product placements,  press releases, affiliate sales, adsense and possibly a sponsored press trip.  And we typically charge fixed prices instead of CPM.

Where do you get your ad rates from?

They come from a spreadsheet.  I just copy it and paste them as an image and poof, they appear in the blog! I wish that answer would suffice, but it’s too important of a topic to avoid.  It is the premise of this blog.

I am using my own blogging experience, others’ experience in my blogging circle of friends and blogging forums that I am a member of to create what I think is the current going rate for advertising on blogs with <50,000 unique visitors and a Google PR5 or less.  I call these, “small blogs”.  I don’t mean that in a negative tone, after all, that includes myself.

With this information and my experience of blogger advertising, I create models that spread the costs across a spectrum of situations based on 4 primary factors ranked in order of significance.

  1. Google PageRank
  2. Unique Visitors per month
  3. Unique Pageviews per month
  4. Social Reach

These are not the only factors when setting or negotiating your prices, but they are still the dominate factors.

The advertising prices I develop are meant as a guide for those that don’t know where to begin when negotiating with an advertiser or link builder.  Reference my models for the type of service or product  you need more information about and adjust them based on your unique situation.

My information can only get better if you contribute, so please join in our blogging community.

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